I Fuck With You, Girl | 002 | Queen Jo

EDITOR'S NOTE: **"I Fuck With You, Girl" is a new original series on dare2blaire.com that is dedicated to the truly talented female emcees, engineers, producers + more who are out here paving their own way.**

Philly-based rapper Queen Jo is a lyrical beast. The incredibly sharp emcee has been making music for the last 15 years, but it was only 3 years ago that she decided to start making music publicly. Her background in journalism and political science give her music a conscious edge, and her catchy repetitive choruses and dance-worthy beats put her in multiple lanes. 

“I'd consider my music to be pop/hip hop music. Though most people would probably disagree. I feel like being a feminist and pro-black and deeply rooted in my beliefs and a cause makes my music Hip Hop because it captures the spirit and woes of a certain people; the passion that goes into it is very raw.  I'd also consider my music to be pop, because it has "popular music" elements to it,” she explains. 

She grew up listening to Queen Latifah and Lil’ Kim, and anybody who knows her will tell you that she’s a hardcore Mary J Blige fan. 

“Don't ever take me to a karaoke if you aren't a fan because I'm doing everything from Whats the 411 to The London Tapes. I'd like to think I was stuck in the 90s all around.”

She currently vibes to a variety of nubian goddesses including Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Amel Larrieux, Solange, FKA Twigs, Imani Coppala and old FeFe Dobson.

Queen Jo is well versed in the history of women in Hip Hop. While she came-up listening to a slew of powerful femcees, she is aware of the harsh truth about some of her favorite songs.

“As most people know, especially in hip hop, many women didn't write their own rhymes.  Even hard hitting female emcees of the 90s like Lady of Rage, Salt N Pepa, etc. have female anthems written by men.  To find that out was devastating to me, but that doesn't take away their talent as emcees.”

That reality only fuels her desire to write her own bars. 

“My overall music goal is to write music that is authentically reflective of the female experience.”

In a nutshell, Queen Jo is a muh-fuggin badass and her spirit is much needed in today's musical drought.  

Get into her song “Hotel Rwanda” below. Hear more of her music here and here

I Fuck With You, Girl | 001 | Brooklyn White

EDITOR'S NOTE: **The Hip Hop industry can be an extremely difficult place for anyone to break into, but it’s widely known that the doorway to the rap game is much more narrow for women - especially women who don't fit mainstream "aesthetics". "I Fuck With You, Girl" is a new original series that is dedicated to the femcees who are out here paving their own way with true talent.**

Last week I got a note from a 20 year old femcee Brooklyn White of Louisiana asking me to check out her track "Petty" on SoundCloud. At first listen I was pulled in. 

When I hit White back and asked her about when she stumbled into the music game, she told me that her come-up began at a young age.

"I started rapping when I was 9 but it didn't click that I could make a career out of it until the end middle school. I took time to get serious about my craft, linked up with some people who could help, and started recording the summer after my freshman year of high school."

Her musical influences stem from 90s Hip Hop and R&B, but she had to be sneaky about listening to it while growing up in a religious household. 

"My mom is a preacher, so as a kid I wasn't allowed to listen to too much secular music at home. My mom's sister was my savior though. She wasn't very religious so when she'd babysit me, she would put me on to all the poppin late 90's Rap and R&B shit like TLC, Da Brat, Blackstreet, and Lauryn Hill. Now, I'm into A$AP Ferg, Young Thug, SZA, and Bone Thugs N Harmony."

The young spitter considers her music to be in a lane of it's own, and considers her genre "bool lo-fi luxury rap".

While she admits that her overall goal for her music career is constantly changing, there is one thing that's important to her at the moment.

"Right now, I just want to empower women."

The sentiment is definitely appreciated. You can't knock a girl who's down for the cause. 

You can check out Brooklyn White's song "Petty" below. After that head over to her Bandcamp and see what else this SHE-roe has to offer. 

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Disposable Chronicles | 001

A few weeks ago I went out and purchased a handful of disposable cameras because I was attending The Roots Picnic and I was unable to get a media pass to bring my DSLR in.

I'm so used to taking photos on my phone or DSLR and being able to see the results immediately so it was hard to believe that I had to wait a week to get my photos back.

This morning I got the call that my pics were ready so I headed on over to pick them up. I found that I was actually super stoked to go get them. I could barely remember any of the pictures that I took so I was pretty anxious to see them. It kind of reminded me of the feeling I used to get when my fav. artist would release a new CD and I'd have to wait until the release date to get it (these were the pre-Napster/Limewire days, obvi).

Anyway, the quality of the photos is clearly not the greatest but it was really fun to look through the photos and relive The Roots Picnic and a few other places that I visited with my disposable. I enjoyed it so much that I've decided to start a series called "Disposable Chronicles". 

Check out the first batch below: