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I graduated from college three years ago (shit!!!) and since then I've collected a lot of media industry experience in a short amount of time. I'm super appreciative of the opportunities that have presented themselves thus far, but I've never felt like I've had anything to call my own.  I wanted my own outlet where I could unapologetically relay the good, the bad and the downright crazy events that have happened throughout my journey on this eternal struggle bus (ahem, my twenties). I wanted an outlet where I could share some of my favorite up-and-coming artists who will probably never see the light of mainstream radio-play. I wanted an outlet where I could dismiss all of those stupid "how to live your life" magazine articles and blogs and recommend that just you live your life the way you want to and stop listening to silly fuccbois + girls. So, I made this.  

And, if you're down,  I welcome you into the unknown waters of the life of a 25 year old Black, Jewish journalist // photographer // music head on the come-up. 

You can also catch me on, Madame Noir, and Visit Philly. 

Thanks for reading. 

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