#TBT: When I Interviewed the Guy Who Blew Kanye West's Mind w/ His Freestyle

Despite the 24-hour live feed that Twitter and Instagram have given us into many celebrities day-to-day, to meet an A-list musician, athlete or actor on the street is still a heart-pounding experience for most of us. “Starstruck” is a very real affliction and in many cases our words come out in jumbled, sloppy sentences.

Last week this very predicament fell upon emerging Los Angeles-based rapperCameron Grey, who was standing outside of a packed Big Sean concert when Kanye West almost walked past, surrounded by a scrum of paparazzi photographers. “Almost” is the key word in this case, because rather than shout for the superstar’s attention or crowd close for a handshake, Grey kept his head and did what comes naturally to him–rapping. His freestyle stopped West in his tracks, and with lights and cameras circling the young MC earned the respect of the most famous rapper in the world.

After some heavy social media stalking, we had already generated a few opinions of our own about Grey. But shock still came when, upon visiting his Twitter page, there were few posts about the experience, other than a retweet from T.I. and Lil’ Waynecommenting on it, and maybe a few mentions of upcoming radio interviews. From an outsiders first glance, Grey seemed modest, and our 30-minute conversation confirmed that. Speaking in eloquent terms about his past and current projects and what he hopes to become as the years go by, Grey demonstrated just how seriously he takes his MCing craft, and how he’s not letting his fleeting Kanye co-sign go to his head. If you need a refresher, watch the video of their encounter below and read on for you in-depth interview with Grey.

Okayplayer: First off, how the hell did this happen? Was your mission for the evening to freestyle for Kanye West?

Cameron Grey: So, we were at this real shitty pre-Grammy party, we had already hit like 3 or 4 pre-Grammy parties before that, and at the final one we hit they ran out of food and they ran out of beer and I was just not trying to stay there. That Big Sean concert was going on so my friends and I decided to go up there. I checked Twitter on the way up there and saw that Kanye went out on stage.

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