Disposable Chronicles | 001

A few weeks ago I went out and purchased a handful of disposable cameras because I was attending The Roots Picnic and I was unable to get a media pass to bring my DSLR in.

I'm so used to taking photos on my phone or DSLR and being able to see the results immediately so it was hard to believe that I had to wait a week to get my photos back.

This morning I got the call that my pics were ready so I headed on over to pick them up. I found that I was actually super stoked to go get them. I could barely remember any of the pictures that I took so I was pretty anxious to see them. It kind of reminded me of the feeling I used to get when my fav. artist would release a new CD and I'd have to wait until the release date to get it (these were the pre-Napster/Limewire days, obvi).

Anyway, the quality of the photos is clearly not the greatest but it was really fun to look through the photos and relive The Roots Picnic and a few other places that I visited with my disposable. I enjoyed it so much that I've decided to start a series called "Disposable Chronicles". 

Check out the first batch below: